Projek Merekabentuk Dan Membina Pemecah Ombak Dan Kerja-kerja Mendalamkan Muara Sungai Terengganu, MALAYSIA

The Government of Malaysia had awarded a “Design and Construct” contract to a joint venture of two local contractors to carry out the design and construction of breakwaters and dredging of navigation channel at the river mouth of Sungai Terengganu to alleviate the problems of shallow depth along the entrance channel and its approach. The Government also appointed DNA as its project management consultant (PMC) for the project. Subsequent to the award of the contract, the Government of Malaysia decided to scale down the works implementation to only dredging of the navigational channel whereas all investigations and design were to be completed for the whole scope inclusive of the breakwaters, associated training walls, and other coastal protection works. The PMC’s scope of services were therefore as follows:

a) General management inclusive liaising with other relevant state/federal agencies and preparing presentation materials for briefing to relevant parties

b) Design management of the investigations and modeling by specialist consultant appointed by the contractor consisting the following:

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